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Rover Trophy Chassis


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The ‘rolling chassis’ is the center piece and foundation of each and every Trophy model. Don’t be fooled by a pretty face - we really want you to dig in to truly understand “what is underneath you”.  The Trophy build starts with what we call the Triple Threat frame. (It’s new, galvanized and powder coated). We show the process here: 



• Stage 1 - we start with a newly created LR approved 90/110 steel box frame (created by Marsland/Richard’s in the UK). The final part of their manufactured process is to dip the frame and lay down a galvanized coating. 

Custom classic Land Rover Defender Chassis
Rover Trophy frame

• Stage 2 - once in our shop we sand blast the galvanized coating to etch it. Then we powder coat and bake the frame to create the modern black super durable protective coating that’s applied to almost all our frames. 

Our build system includes a lot of custom/special frame modifications. Many custom mounting brackets are required to match your selected drive train/model. These are designed in our engineering lab using both 3D Scanning and CAD modeling to create the parts and make them both a repeatable part of our process and to safely install these modern drive train and suspension choices. (see Power Decision for more on drive train choices)

Digital scanning Frame for engenering
Fabricated Engine mounts
Engine mounts painted

A feature innovation is our air suspension. 
We use a custom kit made for our Defenders. The ride has a smooth modern feel, allows for self leveling at all four wheels and creates versatility in the ride height.
First, lower it to fit in your garage and to enter the cabin, next, cruising height creates a cool stance for the truck and allows for increased visibility. Finally the high setting is perfect for off-road or when you go to the beach. Easy push button operation. 


Classic Land Rover Defender air bags
Classic Defender Air bag motor

The rolling chassis has two major approaches combined. First we believe in the “go anywhere” 4x4 design so we embrace and feature new LR swivel balls and steering components designed for the original truck. We have resisted moving to rack-n-pinion or a ‘sled’ design keeping the right amount to retain the true heritage utility of the Defender. 

top vie of Rover Trophy's Chassis
shocks and arm control for a classic custom land rover defender

Now we move to the new innovation/upgraded components. These include: heavy duty differentials (Detroit True Trac, ARB and Dana), upgraded axles, bigger LOF brakes/calipers for increased stopping power to match upgraded horsepower and torque. New fuel systems (tank, pump, and lines) and upgraded cooling with bigger capacity radiator. Custom stainless exhaust designed and installed in house. Completing this part of the build with an assortment of Rim and Tire choices. 

Classic custom Land Rover Defender control Arms
control arm set up


Our chassis is designed with LR’s proven foundation - quality and utility with a modern performance overlay designed for today’s use. This approach is not currently being done in our industry. The driving experience should reflect our commitment to building the best 4x4 on the planet.

new Rover Trophy chassis
Rover Trophy's Chassis at the shop
Rover Trophy's Electric chassis view
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