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Introducing the Tesla Model 3 / LG Power Package 

We offer a complete Trophe Tesla Model 3 drive train conversion.

This package starts with a "gently used" low milage Model 3 rear drive unit. This drive unit is paired with a series of 32 LG 2.6KWh (4P3S) Batteries controlled with the Orion battery management system. The battery modules are stored in three battery boxes custom designed to fit into the former engine bay, seat box, and fuel tank areas.

This electric package features custom software, control boards, and gear set designed to match the Land Rover axel configuration. The new drive train configuration has an expected range of 160-190 miles per charge. With this complex configuration of high voltage and 12 volt systems, the Tesla/LG set up is the ideal blend of innovation, performance and range to electrify your life.

You could become one of the first Trophe electric Defender owners. Reserve your slot today. 

Technical specifications

Model 3 rear drive unit with 32 LG 4P35 Battery modules (2.6 KWh ea)


  • 325 horsepower

  • 320ft -Lb of torque 

  • 0-60  in ~ 6 seconds

  • Range: 160-190 miles at full charge.

  • All-wheel drive

Our Rover Trophy craftsmen designed and engineered these power train modifications to fit into all of our Trophy collection models.



"Electrifying a Defender was always my plan - the Rover Trophy team executed this Tesla/LG combination perfectly!"


" It's everything I've dreamed about - it's instant on, powerful and quiet.

No more gas pumps. No more stinky diesel smoke.

And Im doing my little part to save our world!"

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Electrify your life!

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